Can software development be automated?


Can it? I’ve read stuff related to this quite often over the last couple of weeks and I guess to some extend this might be true. And we’re doing this already. Where these days we’re working hard to automate how we run our code in the cloud, self-healing clusters, self-deploying machines etc. We’re already there for repetitive jobs or “leg work”.

But on the other hand, when you talk to software engineers these days what they do when they’re at work, you’ll see that they’re busy solving problems. Software developers are problem solvers. And problems won’t go away. They will just be different in the future. Back then I was oftentimes anxious about what the future might bring. Will I be out of job soon? Will the thing, that’s fun today be no more then? No to the former, yes to the latter. In the future, we won’t concern ourselves so much with how to allocate memory anymore but therefore how to make our customers and users more successful and productive. Today I am working at a company who’s selling Continuous Integration Services to other people. A service that didn’t exist 20 – 25 years ago. Back then, developers also have been productive, but on a different level. Today, developers have different needs, need to ship faster, they’re using different programming languages, but they’re still programming and solving problems.

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