The mental health handbook


For a while I was struggling a lot at work, about everything that I needed to work on. The hardest part was to open the ticket queue and starting answering tickets. I was so overwhelmed by the tasks waiting for me there. I knew that this couldn’t last forever since this is my job.

So I went out to learn about techniques that would help me to get better about so many work situations. And there are plenty! I decided to collect them in a handbook so that whenever I was in need of assistance I had them at my disposal right away.

Something what I’ve learned with all of this is, oftentimes it’s more a “Does this work for me? Do I feel comfortable with approaching the situation like this?” kind of decision, therefore I have a couple of techniques at hand that help me to get better. The same goes for you, if you download the handbook and try out some of these, not everything might work for you and that’s okay.


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