Hello there!

My name is Jan and I am authoring this blog. I’m currently living in Berlin and I am interested in software development. I work as a support engineer, helping others being more productive. Before that, I made a living as a software developer, working in various software consultancies.

Usually, we’d use Ruby at the consultancies. Though, when a client asked for something different like Python or JavaScript, they’d get it. The fun part in that job is working with lots of different languages. The downside is that we also collected lots of examples showing how to not do software development. We’d oftentimes joke that if we where to write a book labeled as “Things you shouldn’t do when you develop a product” and follow it to a 100%, they’d already be way more successful.

This blog is my version of that book. I want to share what I observed, what lessons I learned and what I (and also you) can do better.

If you like the stories told here, you have feedback for me or you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with me.