The mental health handbook


For a while I was struggling a lot at work, about everything that I needed to work on. The hardest part was to open the ticket queue and starting answering tickets. I was so overwhelmed by the tasks waiting for me there. I knew that this couldn’t last forever since this is my job. So I went out to learn about techniques that would help me to get better about so many work situations. And...

Profiling und gescheiterte Softwareprojekte


Ich schaute eben dieses Video. Es ging um Profiling, und was man da eigentlich so macht und untersucht. Jetzt habe ich schon einige Krimiserien gesehen und weiß, dass die natürlich Morde und Gewalt im weiteren Sinne untersuchen. Ziemlich spannend das. Was ich mich gerade frage, gibt’s das auch für gescheiterte IT Projekte? Zu untersuchen gibt es da vermutlich mehr als genug. Allein, wenn...

Free to play and free to spend all the time


Vor ein paar Tagen sah ich auf Youtube eine Dokumentation, wo ein Journalist in einem Selbsttest über einen längeren Zeitraum jeden Tag diese Freemium Spiele gespielt hat. Ziel des Experiments war es, herauszufinden, ob sich nach einem oder zwei Monaten Veränderungen im Gehirn feststellen lassen. Zu seiner Erleichterung war das bei ihm nicht der Fall. Ich sah diese Dokumentation, wo viele...

Alternative Positioning


Another day, another zine! This time it’s about alternative positioning, a support technique I learned the other day when I read the Effortless Experience. Tell me what you think about it. Click here to read it.

My first year in customer support


It’s been over a year since I have joined the customer support team at Travis CI. Since then, I learned so many new things. To try something new, I created a zine about it. Find it right here and let me know what you think and if you would like to learn more about my journey in customer support.

Can software development be automated?


Can it? I’ve read stuff related to this quite often over the last couple of weeks and I guess to some extend this might be true. And we’re doing this already. Where these days we’re working hard to automate how we run our code in the cloud, self-healing clusters, self-deploying machines etc. We’re already there for repetitive jobs or “leg work”. But on the...

There’s more to programming


The headline stems from a quote I read in “If Hemingway wrote JavaScript” and originally goes like this: There’s more to JavaScript is more than waving your wand saying a few funny words But I figured that this isn’t tied to JavaScript exclusively. I came to this conclusion the other day when I was talking with a friend about the status of their career in software...

README files


Imagine you’re joining a new software project, within your company, at a client or an Open Source project. You get the source code on your local machine, eager to get started right away, but then what? There are no instructions available. There is not a single text file explaining what this source code is doing. Also, no explanation about supported environments, what needs to be installed...

Picking the right programming language


Oftentimes, a new project starts and there’s debate about which programming language and technologies to use. Of course everybody has their favorites and picking the favorite language to do the job is a fair choice if everybody can agree to it. Though sometimes it’s not that easy. I once came into a new project where before I got asked “Oh Jan, do you know Python?” —...